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Windsong Foundation Celebration
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    Windsong Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and continuation of Polytheistic Practices.

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    We lead people to the intersection of history, sacred Northern European traditions and spiritual growth.

It all began with an email asking for help. A woman by the name of Kathy Windsong had passed away in Fairplay, Colorado and there was a large amount of books and artifacts that her best friend, and executor of her estate, could not accommodate. He reached out to the local Northern European Polytheist community for help and his email reached the inbox of Justin Carlson and Kayla Shaw, leaders of a local educational and religious group in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Justin and Kayla, along with several other local groups helped take the truckloads (that’s right, truckloads) of books off the property with the goal of sharing this information with the larger community. Over the next year, Justin and Kayla’s group became deeply involved in the clean-up of her estate and was then given the opportunity to begin a charitable foundation dedicated to Kathy’s dying wish that the historical, cultural and spiritual practices of the ancient Northern European peoples were shared with those interested to learn.

This is the guiding force behind the Windsong Foundation and our sole purpose is to educate the general public about the cultural traditions, technology, and lifeways of Northern European cultures.

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