The Project

The Project

Now the land is purchased, the Windsong Foundation’s immediate goals are to secure funds for:
• consulting with experts to ensure the historical accuracy of our buildings and displays 
• development of building plans and construction using historical accurate methods and materials
• development of an educational campus that allows for all types of learning for all ages through a diverse set of exhibits and programs.
• Room for expansion, community outreach and giving back to our local community

 What type of buildings and exhibits will you find?
The Education Center, styled after a traditional English Cob house, will be the first stop on your journey. The education center will serve as the ticket booth as well as administrative building, but will also boast a small display museum, lending library, genealogical research center as well as artisan gift shop and conference rooms for rent. Finally, the education center will also be the home to Herot Press, an independent press dedicated to publishing and promoting educational and spiritual material to the public. 

The next stop on your journey will be a fully-functional, historically accurate Scandanavian/Viking “Hof” or temple building that will showcase how and why these ancient people’s believed and practiced their religion in the ways that they did. The Hof will serve as a living history experience as well as the location for festivals and events such as educational conferences, seasonal celebrations and weddings. At 100 feet long by 36 feet wide, this impressive building is our main attraction!

In addition to the Hof, the land will be broken up into cultural clusters to showcase the variety of traditions in different areas of Northern Europe. 

The British Isles cultural cluster will have structures such as:
• A standing stone Celtic circle modeled after one of the smaller circles found in Ireland. 
• An English weaver’s hut 
• Sacred well

The Slavic cultural cluster will include:
• Open platform ceremonial spaces and carved poles
• Apothecary
Windsong Foundation Cob House
High Temple Seat Windsong Foundation
Windsong Foundation Stone Circle
Windsong Slavic Area To be Built
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